Worcester Running Clubs

Running clubs are great for improving your running, getting tips and advice, motivation and being social. They often also do things for the local community on top. All round great things then.

Running Clubs in Worcester

The following running clubs are in Worcester itself, see other posts for clubs in the rest of Worcestershire.

Black Pear Joggers

The Black Pear Joggers is a longstanding and popular running club in Worcester. They run on Monday evenings in groups depending on your pace and are well known for being a very friendly and welcoming group. They put on two races each year and get involved in many other races that are taking place in Worcester. Membership is just £12 a year!

Worcester AC

I’d rate this as a more serious running club and I think the name reflects that. Membership fees are higher, at £45, but if you’re looking to be pushed a bit harder, get into more technical runs and take seconds off your PB, this might be the club for you. They run from Nunnery Wood and put on several races throughout the year. They also do some track running which can really help build your speed!


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Worcester Triathlon Club

Not a running club, but worthy of a mention! This group does not put on training runs in the same way that the other clubs do, but they  are worth looking into if you’re interested in triathlon or want to get more into cycling and / or swimming in Worcester too.


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