Winter Running Gear Bargains

This week it has started to get colder and I think we’re all assuming that we’ve seen the last of the warm weather. Still, it’s a good excuse to buy some new kit.

With that in mind, I have searched throughout Amazon to find the best cold weather running deals available, here are my top 5 picks:


 1. Karrimore Gloves – £7.99 £2.50

Gloves are a must for runners in the British winter and here you can get them for £2.50 in a choice of colours – they even have a little thing to put your house key in. Amazing.

2. Beanie running hat – £5.99 £2.99

It’s amazing how much heat you get from a beanie, great for early morning runs. Again, choice of colours and less than £3, bargain.

3. Quality running socks, 2 pack –  £11.99 £6.99

Not strictly a winter item, but if you haven’t run with a quality running sock before then you really should try it. These are fantastic and you won’t find anything nearly as good for this price! Give them a go, you won’t go back.

4. Women’s Long sleeve hi-vis running top – £24.99 £11.99

These are quality tops, long sleeve and hi-vis but without being horrible to look at. For £11.99 you won’t find better.

5. Men’s Long sleeve running top – £19.99 £10.99

Men’s long sleeve technical running top, choice of colours and sizes. This should keep you warm and visible, I love the fact that one reviewer states “I can wear this more times (before washing) without it smelling bad”. High praise indeed!

And just incase you’ve not had enough – these are great half price trail running shoes, reduced from £90 to £45…




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