Who is Kimetto?

The finish to this year’s Berlin Marathon was a little unusual, just a small increase in pace over the last couple of kilometres would have ensured a new world record for winner Geoffrey Mutai or even Dennis Kimetto. However, that burst of pace never happened. Not only that, Dennis Kimetto remained faithfully behind his training partner and appeared happy to simply run in a metre behind in second place. This is just another tale in the strange story of Dennis Kimetto, this year he has achieved a lot, but it’s all been a bit unusual:

  • In February 2012 Kimetto won the RAK half marathon, he was registered as Dennis Kipruto Koech, 18.
  • In April 2012 he won the Berlin half marathon as Dennis Koech, 25.
  • In May he set a world record in the Berlin 25km, this time as Dennis Kimetto, 28.

When he entered the marathon today he did so again as Dennis Kimetto, 28. He has aged 10 years this year, but still didn’t have the nerve to take Geoffrey Mutai at the end of the race. It’s a strange story, but clearly we haven’t seen the last of Kimetto – whatever he decides to call himself.

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