When Is Running Bad For You?

We all know about the many health benefits of running and many studies have been done on these. However, there are also studies which discuss when running can be bad for you. So when does running stop being good and start being bad?

We have looked at this topic before, here, and found that there is an optimum amount of running per day which gives you the best health results, when you go above this amount (around 4 miles per day according to this study) then your benefits start to drop off, eventually getting down to the same as doing no exercise.

A new study however, claims that this “drop off” of benefits starts as low as 2.5 hours per week of running and at speeds above just 5 mp/h. Now, these figures are just averages of course and every individual is different (I don’t think I could even “jog” at just 5mp/h!) but it’s interesting that this could be seen as a negative of long distance running, or you could spin it as a positive and say just a slow jog for 30 minutes 3 times a week is really great exercise and very good for you.

So don’t see this as a reason not to exercise, it shows that just doing a little running three times a week at a slow pace can add years to your life and make you feel good.

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