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I have blogged about the crazy world of CrossFit before, but I wanted to put a post up about some unique t-shirts which a friend of mine designs. He’s a fine arts graduate and puts in loads of thought to the design of these t-shirts and sells them in really small runs without any marketing budget, I think they’re amazing and really unique. They do men’s and women’s clothing and it’s all created in the UK, click the link below to see their current range:

 Buy UK CrossFit T-shirts, shorts and hoodies from RX’D LIMITLESS here. 

The following is from his website at

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our new lines! We have three new top designs available in tees, vests and sweatshirts.

Each of our new designs is based upon some of the ladies we love to hate; they cause us pain, they make us sick and reduce us to a sweaty coma but they don’t half make us fitter than we were before! The designs have the official rep scheme and weights in lbs (I love the metric but conversions look untidy with all those decimals!) as well as someone performing every single rep on them – if you don’t believe me feel free to count, Karen is 150 so it may take a while! haha

As per usual our lines are limited and once they’ve gone they’ve gone – hence the reason for me offering them up on Facebook and on here to our friends before we put them on ASOS and all the usual sizes go off in to a hurt locker. Speaking of facebook you can find more in-depth photos and prices on there – P.M me for bank details or PayPal accounts (as lots of people already have – thank you, you make me feel like I am doing something right!)

The big ASOS upload will commence this weekend, my lovely model is back from her trip to San Trope so will not look see-through in her photos this time around (I told her no-one would notice as she’s just an animated coat-hanger) – this will better showcase our fits and sizes BUT remember we will always knock money off for direct transfer rather than going through the site; it makes no real difference to us as our cut is the same, it just means that you do not have to pay the commission that ASOS charges.

Thanks for being part of my massive real life game of Championship Clothes Manager



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