Motivational tips

Struggling for motivation? Here are our top 5 tips to get you in the mood for a run…

 1. Record all of your workouts. Whatever you do – run, walk, cycle, play sport, etc. Record it somehow, include what you did, how far you went and how fast you did it in. There are plenty of websites such as and mobile phone apps like CardioTrainer ( which will help you to do this. These even calculate the calories that you have burnt at the same time so you can see the progress you are making. Alternatively, just write it on your calendar. Doing this will help you remember what you achieved as well as give you something to aim to beat in the future, it’s also good to be proud of your efforts so why not remind yourself of them.


2. Record future workouts. This might sound a little too close to tip 1, however, thinking a week ahead and recording when you will workout and what you will do is also very important. This will help ensure that training is on your list of priorities rather than just squeezed in when possible, it will also enable you to plan the types of training that you will do and how long you will spend on them. You should also tell other people your training plan for the week, if you tell you partner “I’m going for a run tomorrow after work” then you will be much more likely to do it as you will not want to let them know that you didn’t keep a training commitment!

3. Get a training partner. You are far more likely to train if there is someone else with you. This way you can’t just decide to back out a the last second as you will be letting them down as well as yourself. If you’re in it together it’s much easier, find someone who is at a similar level, tell them your goals and ask if you can train with them, most runs are done at a pace which facilitates talking so it’s a great way to catch up with someone.


4. Treat yourself. If I want to get myself to run a particularly long way, or to perform a type of run that I know will be hard work, I have to make a deal with myself in advance. It tends to be something along the lines of “right, if you get this done now you can be as lazy as you want for the rest of the day”. Be careful to get the balance of treats right though, you don’t want to end up undoing all of the good work from the run.


5. Sign up for a race. There is probably no greater motivator than this. If you know a race is looming you will probably decide to do tips 1 to 4 to ensure that you can complete it. There are loads of races available all year round, visit our race finder page to search for an event. Deciding in advance the type of race (for example road vs off-road) and the distance (normally from 5km to ultra marathon) will help filter the results.



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