Tips for the First Time Marathon Runner

Whether it’s in aid of charity or to get yourself fit, running a marathon isn’t easy. It’s a physically and emotionally demanding challenge, and certainly not an opportunity to be taken lightly. But before you start to run in the opposite direction (see what we did there?) don’t panic! As we’re on hand to provide you first time marathoners with some great tips on the best ways to handle the big event.


The first thing every marathon runner needs to do is plan their training programme. Our advice is to
start this as a soon as possible. The key to a successful run is preparation, so the earlier you begin to
train for the marathon, the better. Set aside a certain time each day in which it’s possible for you to
workout and stick to it. It’s also crucial to address your diet. For long distance running, you need to
have lots of good carbs in your meals, like potatoes and brown rice, as these will keep energy levels
high. Also, don’t neglect your supplements, such as Beta-Carotene Softgels. Be thorough in your
planning, and it will pay off!

Dress for the occasion

For maximum results, the preparation should include more aspects than just your training. You need
to pull out all the stops, and this includes finding the right attire. Dress appropriately; it’s all about
comfort and practicality, not style! We suggest that you avoid cotton products and don’t be afraid to
wear plenty of layers. Furthermore, it’s essential that you invest in a decent pair of running shoes.
There’s no denying it, your feet are likely to suffer as a result of intense training, and the only way to
avoid this is by looking after them. Take the time to decide which shoes are best for you; you’ll soon
feel the benefit!

Prevent injury

Before you embark on the first run of your training, you need to be aware of the most effective ways
to prevent injury. One way is to complete a sufficient warm up session before you start anything
too strenuous. Stretching your muscles before a run is an absolute must, as it helps to both improve
movement and increase blood flow. And it doesn’t have to take a great deal of time! Dedicate at
least thirty seconds to stretching all the important leg muscles, such as your calves and hamstrings,
and your body will soon be ready and raring to go!