The Joy of Running – Book review

The Joy Of Running: For Those Who Love to Run

By Paul Owen


This book is pitched as a running guide for new runners and in that context it works very well – it features a history of running which is well researched, sections on training, tech that you can use and race distances and types. There is also practical advice on how to improve your times throughout.

It’s a well written book which flows nicely from one chapter to another, when I got the book I thought that it was going to be a reference book, like many others that I already own, but I found myself reading it from start to finish, enjoying the narrative as I went. I also found more inspiration in this than I thought I would. Reading it makes me want to go for a run. Simply discussing the importance of running for humans throughout history and the evolution into sport got me wanting to get my trainers on and head outside – in fact, I really enjoyed the development of running as sport, some of which I’ve not read anywhere else. Lots is centered on the UK, which is where the author is from and as I’m from there too, I liked that.

Overall this is a nice book, especially for beginners – it would give you enough information to get you into running and keep you there for some time. I’d buy it for people taking on a first marathon or just showing an interest in the sport. It doesn’t break any major new ground, but it’s a nicely written and easily digestible volume which reflects the author’s love of running.

The Joy of Running is available here. 

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