Running Motivational Ideas: The Mile-A-Day Challenge

Recently I’ve suffered an injury and am now making a come back to running. I ran a few miles in January and a few in February but now I want to kick on. So – I needed a motivational idea to get me out there and increasing my mileage.

One Mile Per Day

I’ve come up with the one mile a day challenge. It’s simple and punishes me for being lazy, so, here’s the concept:

  1. You have to run a mile every day this month, so 31 miles in total (I only ran 20 miles last month).
  2. You can run extra miles on any day to get ahead and then have rest days. So, on the 1st March I ran 4 miles, I could rest until 5th March if I wanted.
  3. You can miss as many days as you like, but the next time you run you HAVE to make them up. So if I run 4 miles on 1st March and then don’t run until 8th March I HAVE to run at least 4 miles that day. If I don’t run until 10th March I have to run 6 miles. This should ensure that I don’t dare get behind.
  4. In April I will increase the “per day” mileage and go again.

How To Stick To It

So – you’ve set the goal, how do you stick to it?

  1. Record your runs, I use an app called Cardio Trainer, but there are many to choose from.
  2. Reward yourself for your runs – promise yourself that you can do something you want to do after you’ve run.
  3. Get your running clothes on without thinking about the run itself, just getting into your clothes makes heading out more likely.
  4. Tell people you are doing this – if you tell people you’re doing something like this then you are much more likely to stick to it.
  5. Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Whatever your reason might be, keep reminding yourself that you want this and you’ll feel good to complete it.


For me, this will burn around 5,000 calories. That’s about 40 cookies..! I’m doing this to build back my mileage, get back some fitness and lose some weight so that I can enter some more races again as soon as possible.

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