Gift Ideas for Runners

Looking to buy Christmas presents for a runner this year and unsure what to get? Here are four ideas that you might have overlooked.


IPod Shuffle

Purpose built for the runner this is a tough little MP3 player with very minimal controls, no screen and a clip to attach it to you is a great gift for anyone about to partake in marathon training. Music, ebooks or even Ted Talks can be loaded onto it to get your runner around. They are now well priced too. 


Oakley Fives Squared

These days I run virtually every run in these sunglasses. I love them. They fit so nicely that you hardly have to touch them even during a long run, they look good and they keep sun out of your eyes. Ideal. You can get them here. 


Go Barefoot

These are considered one of, if not the best barefoot trainer on the market. Barefoot running is now established in the running community so why not get something a bit different? You can get a pair here. 

Garmin 210

This is a fantastic tool for runners, not only does it monitor your heart rate but it also tracks speed and distance using GPS. I can hardly run without one these days, I’d say it’s almost as important to have one as it is to have shorts. The 210 is a simple version of the GPS watch, very easy to set up and start running but if you want to analyse the data you can download it and see absolutely everything. You can get it here, currently on sale too. 


Finally, I’d recommend you check this list of running products that I own / regularly buy. I rate these highly so it may help.


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