Rip Toned Lifting Straps Review

20151019_155407This week I’ve started using Rip Toned Lifting Straps on my weights sessions. These are pretty simple and basic padded wrist straps which can help support your weight lifting by allowing you to keep lifting when your grip gives up.

Why Use Them?

In some exercises your grip can be the first thing that lets you down, if you’re able to keep working your muscles but your grip is giving up then you’re not getting the best possible benefit from your work out. For me, I specifically wanted these for doing pull ups. As you can see from the video below, the straps help by taking the strain off your grip. This allows me to do far more pull ups than I otherwise would.

When Should You Use Them?

You shouldn’t use these all the time – otherwise you will not train your grip (in a way they wouldn’t be doing their job if you were!). I use them only on my third and forth set of pull ups. That said, if you find that you’re doing exercises where it seems like your grip is going first, try using these. Shrugs, deadlifts and pull ups are all prime targets for this.

Why Rip Toned?

There are loads of these on the market and they are often fairly similar, so why do I like these ones? Well, here are some benefits:

  1. They have a nice strip of padding which helps protect your wrist. Cheaper versions I’ve had in the past don’t have this.
  2. They’re tough – they really aren’t going to fall apart.
  3. They’re available on Amazon Prime so you can get them next day (you can find them here). 
  4. They’re only £6.97 at the time of writing, here. 
  5. They come in a neat little pouch and came from amazon in a small envelope – I’m a big fan of this, so often I get deliveries of kit like this in a needlessly huge box. This is way more environmentally friendly.
  6. They offer a money back guarantee of their product.
  7. They come with a free set of lifting guides included.


If you’re doing some weight sessions, chances are that you wish you had more time to work on them (I know mine are squeezed massively by the running), so for me, it’s worth getting the maximum benefit possible from the time I do spend lifting. These help do that, and for £7 are well worth having in my kit bag.

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