Review: UK Gear PT-03 Running shoe

Having searched long and hard for a running shoe that suited me as a tall and fairly heavy runner, I finally turned to the British Army. The UK Gear PT-03 was developed along with the Army and was issued to cadets as an all-purpose running shoe, good for road and offroad useage. Apparently they tested 150 different shoes with the British Army so it seems like they did their research.

It’s really a very simple, traditional stability shoe with a dual-density midsole. This gives it a really smooth ride. The shoe is outdated now having come out in 2004, but I don’t understand why people see the need to update shoes constantly, for me, the newer shoes only seem to cause me problems. The simplicity of this shoe is perfect for me.

I have been running with the UK Gear PT-03 running shoe for the last six months and it is without doubt the best running shoe that I have ever had. If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward which you can use on the road as well as off, I think it’s a great purchase.

Best of all – the neutral version is currently only £37.50 on amazon for both men and women (including free delivery) and they do them in up to size 14:

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