Review: Take Five Compression Leggings

I have got into the habit of reviewing cheaper option compression gear, in the past I’ve had items from Time to Run, Karrimor and now a new company on the scene (or I’ve missed them in the past) is “Take Five”. I recently purchased their leggings and took to the roads. Here’s my review of the leggings after one hour long run in them:

First off, I bought these because they are cheap. You can get them for £11.95 here, which is very good value. Having bought cheaper leggings in the past, as well as having some 2XU leggings which cost me about 5 times more I now always look for the cheaper option. They feel slightly different, but I don’t buy into all the performance claims that 2XU make so I just want something that feels okay, fits well and keeps me warm.

So – how do these do? They feel very similar to the other leggings that I have had, I like the band around the waist which really huggs into you and ensures that even if you’re a little on the smaller side these don’t feel like they might fall down into your shorts – which is an issue I’ve had in the past. In addition they did feel nice and warm – possibly warmer than the Karrimor ones, but I don’t know how because comparing them side by side they look very similar. The grip was good and consistent throughout the leg and it stayed that way throughout an hour of running.

There’s not a lot else to say until I have worn them more, but first impressions are that these do the job and are good value. On that basis I’d recommend them as a good, cheap option comparable to the other cheap versions out there. If you want to splash out more on the 2XU or Nike versions then go for it, but I really don’t think you’re getting much extra for your money.



Take Five Leggings Review.


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