Review: SKECHERS GOrun 2 Running Shoe


I’ve bought another new pair of running shoes after my last ones bit the dust rather quickly. This time I’ve gone with a bit of  a non-standard choice in a pair of Skechers Go Run 2 running shoes. I have read some good things about these and how they promote more of a mid-foot strike, helping to avoid heel strike which can give you injury problems.

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Initial thoughts

They are very light – I was really surprised by how light they are and the padding is minimal (it’s reduced from the Go Run 1 shoe), the padding is 11mm which I’m told is now considered the ideal amount to have (I’m not sure I buy into the thought that any amount is perfect for everyone). But there seems to be enough padding there for me. It’s not made of a rubber – it’s a type of foam and my concern would be that this might degrade more quickly than a traditional shoe. One other thing that I didn’t realise on ordering is that these are designed to be worn as sockless running shoes. I haven’t tried that yet (I didn’t realise when I rushed out in them) but I’ll provide an update on that below.

The roll on the foot is a little strange at first, but after just one run I already feel like I will struggle to go back to flat soled shoes. In addition, I can really feel that I have less padding there and I’m instantly not wanting to heel strike (whether that’s the padding or the ‘drop’ of the shoe, I’m not 100% certain). I was also surprised at how much stability these shoes did give me, I was expecting next to none, but there is certainly stability in this shoe.

Overall, so far, I feel like this is a nice transition towards a really minimal or ‘bare foot’ shoe without going all the way in one jump. I’m really looking forward to my next run in these already so I hope that they keep impressing me. I did have reservations about buying sketchers as a serious running shoe, but they really do seem to be matching the other big competitors in terms of quality on these shoes.

One reason I never normally trust reviews is that they are normally conducted after just a few days of testing, so below I will update this review in a few weeks and at the end of their life with further comments.

Two weeks in

After a couple of weeks of wearing these I’ve noticed a few things. First off, I still really like them, they are light and fun to run in – I no long heel strike and it feels like I’m hitting the mid foot really nicely. The inner soles that come with the shoes are completely useless. They move about in the shoe whilst you run which feels strange to me. They also pop out every time I take the shoes off and then when I try to put my foot into the shoe, the inner sole ends up crumpled at the bottom. I’ve not thrown them out. This gave rise to the next slight issue – if you are doing a run with lots of twists and turns then you will really feel them through the bottom of the shoe – of course, this is to be expected to an extent, but running for an hour on Monday night gave me red raw skin on my feet which isn’t ideal – I should point out that I was doing shuttle runs and lots of changing direction, for a ‘normal’ run this issue doesn’t appear.

End of Life

As promised, I am returning to this review after about 9-10 months of wearing these shoes. Overall I really like them, they have encouraged me to run a little more on my toes and I haven’t felt any kind of injury with them, which is always a good sign. The sole is very warn down, I knew it would be because it’s foam instead of rubber, but if you want something that is going to keep going for a really long time, or something to run off-road in, this really isn’t it. As a road shoe for a few 10km runs though it really is nice. I did a half marathon recently wearing them and that went well and I completed a marathon earlier in the year which was good too.

You can buy them on Amazon here…

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