Review: Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS Watch – £130

 Rating: 9/10 – best available.

Currently £130 on Amazon – reduced from £330.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Garmin forerunner range, the ability to monitor and track your run accurately and live is something that I really value. If I go for a run I want to know how fast I’ve gone, how hard I’ve worked and what time I achieved. It’s almost like having a person trainer with you pushing you to beat your previous times.

The Garmin Forerunner 410 is an improvement from their previous model, the 405. The beauty of the 410 is that the technology is now small enough and the battery good enough to wear this as a normal every day watch, but it is also a very powerful GPS running watch on top. First off, I have to say that the reason I have bought one of these is that they are currently less than half price on Amazon, reduced from £330 to £160.

If you’re thinking of getting a GPS watch, I have no doubt that this is the one to get. Its features are top of the range and it’s a bargain right now, you won’t find one better and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

So, what does it do?

The GPS device tracks your run, including:

• Recording your time, pace, distance, position, elevation, calories burned, heart rate and more.

This is all performed live on the device and you can see the progress during the run. I like to set an alert for every kilometre so I can instantly see how fast my last KM was and I know if I need to speed up or slow down. You can also set previous runs to compete against yourself, the device shows you how far ahead or behind your selected run you are at all times. You can set up interval training, it has modes for other sports such as cycling and it comes with a heartrate monitor included.

The previous model, the 405, was a great watch and there are many glowing reviews, however, it did have a major flaw if you used it frequently – the touch sensitive bezel didn’t work well in the rain. Thankfully Garmin have fixed this on the 410 and it works now when wet.

The GPS is amazing – I had the original Garmin 101, it was about the size of a brick and lost connection frequently, on the 410 I’ve never lost connection and I run through woods and around tall buildings in central London. I’m amazed by this – it really does seem perfect. It’s also really quick to find the connections in the first place.

In the box you also get an ANT stick which you plug into your PC (via USB). This allows you to connect your watch to your computer wirelessly. I love this feature – all your data is instantly downloaded to your computer ready for you to view, just by walking into the house. This is a massive improvement on the old system.

The Garmin software is very functional, it gives you nice graphs of runs and you can track improvement over time. I do wish it had a calculation to estimate times at different levels of elevation, but I can get that elsewhere.

Overall, I just can’t fault this and I don’t think you will get anything better – especially for the reduced price. It’s the best GPS watch I’ve had.

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