Having moved to America last week I was in a perfect position to buy some new running shoes. I had been sticking to ruggid, heavy trail shoes over the last year as my running had mainly been through woods and trails in the UK, but now I decided to try something a little faster and lighter but still with some strength and support.


I ended up ordering the asics gel neo 33  . As you can see , they are pretty bright shoes, so hopefully help you stand out if running on roads. The first thing that I noticed though was that they were pretty ridged shoes, not much flexibility in the sole, the sole is also very flat, rather than the curve which seems popular now. It is simply one solid piece of foam which spans the bottom of the shoe.

In terms of asics shoes these are fairly heavy at about 12g. What this means is that it’s very much a stability shoe giving you a solid but smooth ride with less heel strike than I’m used to.

The shoe is designed to last a long time and the ridged sole is supposed to soften after a few runs, this should mean that it will become a really comfortable shoe to run in. After a couple of hours running I’m really pleased with them and would recommend to anyone with mild over-pronation looking for a shoe to do long runs in which won’t fall apart too quickly.

UPDATE: Having run in these for a few weeks now I’ve really started to like them, they seem to warm up over a longer distance and become more responsive and flexible. I have increased my milage very quickly and the shoes have come with me. They are starting to look a bit muddy, but I think these are the shoes that I will run my next marathon in.

Update2: After 6 months these shoes have just fallen apart. The front of the shoe ripped in two places. I’m not impressed with this to be honest – they were meant to be designed to last longer than most shoes so if the front rips then it’s not exactly great. I’d only been running on the roads with them and although I ran a marathon, I hadn’t really run a lot of miles. Overall, I would not now buy these again.

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