My post holiday exercise plan

A week of snorkeling, diving with stingrays and sharks was delightful, but I ate and drank far too much. Returning from a holiday where I have done no exercise and basically sat around eating and drinking generally leaves me feeling disgusted with myself. What I tend to do next is work out really hard for a week and then feel completely run down the week after that. I did get a few nice photos though.

This time it’s going to be different. I’m planning to get back into running shorter distances which I really enjoy and for that I need to build some speed up, I really wish they had park run in the US. At the same time I’m training for a 100 mile bike race in August so I need to put miles on the bike.

Obviously if you have a break from exercise you should reintroduce it slowly to avoid injury. A week off now and again will probably actually do you some good by giving your muscles and joints time to fully repair, but suddenly asking them to do something that they aren’t used to after a rest is clearly a bad idea.

I like to write my plan out because it makes me more determined to complete it if I’ve told people about it first, so this is what I’m going to do:

The post holiday exercise plan…

Monday: Run to work.

Tuesday: Run to work (fartlek), cycle for 30 minutes and left weights for 30 minutes.

Wednesday:  Take my bike to the shop and get it repaired. If it gets fixed, cycle for an hour. If not, go to the gym and cycle for 30 minutes there.

Thursday:  Run to work (steady), go to the gym and cycle for an hour.

Friday: Run to work (fartlek), go to the gym and cycle for 30 minutes, lift weights for 30 minutes.

Saturday – rest.

Sunday: Cycle on the bike (if it’s fixed) for 2 hours.

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