My July Exercise Review

At the start of July I set myself a target of burning at least 500 calories a day through vigorous exercise, so how did I do? Well, I failed didn’t I? Happy?! Jesus, just keep off my back, I tried my best.

I managed to complete the task on 24 days out of 28 (because I started the challenge on 3rd July). Which means I failed 4 times. However, I was really pleased with the progress I made towards improved fitness because I was really out of shape and had put on weight. Here’s the tale of the tape:

June July + / –
Workouts 3 24 +21
Miles run 12 44 +32
Calories burned  2200 15600 +13400
End Weight 214lbs 210lbs -4lbs

So although I failed on doing at least 500 calories on every day, I did at least do more than the calories required to hit that in total. I also massively improved compared to June (although, that was always going to be easy so it’s a hollow victory, but one I’ll gladly take).

In August I am looking to increase my mileage and my calories again over July, but I don’t think it’s particularly healthy for me to try to train every day, sometimes you’re just too tired and need a break, obviously. What a fool I was! What a fool indeed. I have learnt my lesson and in future I will not be such a frivolous fellow.


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