Mudder Dog Running Lead Review

I’ve been running with my dog for a number of years now and I love the experience, she gets great exercise and so do I, without having to go out twice. One thing that was frustrating me was holding the lead in my hand all the time, she likes to run on one side of me and then the other, so I’m constantly having to swap arms. Eventually I looked for a solution and I found the running lead listed below.

Hands Free

The Mudder Hands free running lead is just that – it’s hands free. It attaches around your waist rather than in your hand, so you can run more naturally whilst with your four legged friend. At first I was worried about being pulled around by my dog as she darted left and right, but it’s actually really nice to have it in the centre of your body rather than out on your arm. The lead flexes so you don’t just suddenly get pulled in one direction and now that I’ve got one, I couldn’t go back to running with a normal lead. It also means that I’m able to use my garmin more easily whilst running and set laps, review pace, etc.


It’s a fairly simple product, but often the best ones are – as I say above, I couldn’t imagine running without this now, it seems to stupid that for years I was running holding a lead in my hand when I could have had both hands free! For the price it was absolutely worth buying and I’d recommend it to anyone who runs with their dog!

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