MIZUNO Wave Rider 16 Ladies Running Shoes

This week, one pair of shoes got a lot of attention. The Mizuno Wave riders worn by a Texas Senator called Wendy Davis who stood and talked for 11 hours to block an anti-abortion law from being passed have become the best selling shoe on Amazon in the US and at the same time, an icon of feminism – surely a first for a running shoe.

Are they any good? Well, they are a lot lighter than the Wave Rider 15 and have had good reviews, including this one on Runner’s World. There are also positive reviews on Amazon here. I haven’t worn them myself, but all that cushioning on the heel can be both good and bad. If you really are a heel striker and you need the cushion then great, but if you are not then this shoe might push you into bad habits. It seems though, that they are very good for standing and talking in. If you require a comfy shoe for delivering a long speech then this could be it.

Oh and if you really want to get on board with this then you need the ‘hot pink’ ones.

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