Marathon training, week 1

The first week of marathon training was always going to be tough. Not only did I want to dramatically increase my mileage, but I was also away with work for most of the week. Fortunately there was a treadmill in the hotel because it was -15c outside and there was snow and ice everywhere. I packed my running shoes and managed to squeeze in two runs during the week before heading home.

I haven’t run on a treadmill for ages and frankly, I don’t blame me. Not only is it incedably boring, but also the room was too warm meaning I poured with sweat, additionally I felt pain in my knees and ankle when I stopped running. I never get that when I’m running outside. I am still not a fan.

Heading into the weekend I had a busy schedule including a 30th birthday and moving house, but I managed a half marathon followed by a 1km cool down jog on Saturday and on Sunday I jogged to my new gym, did some squats and tried to swim in the pool – turns out swimming once a year on holiday hasn’t left me very good at it so I only managed 15 minutes. Still, overall I’m pretty happy with that as a week of training. I’m not looking forward to adding another few km on next week, but I have at least booked a sports massage.

Full details below:


Long run distance:

Before sign up: 9 miles (DONE)

Week 1: 12 miles (did 13.5)

Week 2: 14 miles

Week 3: 16 miles

Week 4: 18 miles

Week 5: 20 miles

Week 6: 22 miles

Week 7: 18 miles

Week 8: 10 miles

Week 9: Race day – 26 miles (and 385 yards).

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