Karrimor X Lite Running Gloves Review – £6.99

I’ve said a number of times that Karrimor are great at making running gloves and hats, so I thought I’d better review the gloves that I own.

The picture on here shows them in pink currently so first off I’ve like to note that you can also get them in black and green, which looks fine, I’m not too worried about my hands been seen at night, but in case you are, the green shows up well. They are durable gloves which are comfortable to wear, they have a waterproof coating to them which makes them a bit rough to the touch on the outside, but the inside feels fine. They also feature a soft ‘sweatband’ style coating on the thumb which is nice for wiping sweat from eyes. Additionally they have a pocket in the palm where you can store your house key. So they really are made for runners and I do like those little touches that they have included – it seems nicely thought through and I wouldn’t really expect that on a glove this cheap.

I’ve worn them throughout the winter and a number of times through the snow – when I’ve fallen they have saved my hands from some scrapings and always kept me warm so I’m quite fond of them. At the end of the day they are a good, cheap running glove with a couple of nice features. Well worth a buy if you need a pair of gloves, I’ve never felt the need to buy any more expensive.

You can get them for just £6.99 at the moment from Amazon here. They also do a more basic version for just £3.99 which I have never tried.


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