Is horsemeat good for runners?

So, you’ve been tucking into 99p ready meals thinking they were full of good quality lean beef and you’ve suddenly heard that there may have been some horse stuffed in there for good measure. Is this the reason you didn’t get your pb in your last race? Has horsemeat hindered your running?

First off, obviously anyone eating ready meals as a major part of their diet probably isn’t fueling their body in the most efficient way, but it seems topical to look at how horsemeat compares to beef for runners.

Lean cuts of horse and lean beef steaks have roughly the same amount of fat per gram, of course, this changes on the cut of the meat and beef becomes more fatty at the lower quality end of the scale. There is also a similar level of protein in each which is good news for runners.

Where the horse starts to take the lead is in two vital areas, firstly iron, which is essential for runners (especially women) is much higher in horse. Iron is vital for ensuring you can get that oxygen around your body as fast as possible. Low iron is not just a problem for runners either, it’s widely reported to be the most common nutrient deficiency worldwide.

The second area horse wins out for runners is in omega 3. There is bloody loads of this stuff in horse. It’s good for your heart and joints, I’ve also read about it having a natural anti inflammatory impact, reducing muscle pain associated with running.

Horse 2-0 cow

On the negative side of eating horse, you have to eat a horse…and that’s the main sticking point for most people, no matter what the health benefits might be. But purely looking at nutrition, horse is better for runners to eat than beef. So may be it’s best that we don’t know that someone is putting this stuff in our food.

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