How to treat rotator cuff injuries

Over the last few years I have suffered from significant pain in my left shoulder following an injury which I sustained whilst boxing. I have had physio on it a number of times and often the pain goes away for a few weeks, or even months, but then comes back stronger than ever. After years I have finally managed to strengthen the shoulder and build up a range of movement which seems to have stopped the pain altogether.

The first thing that I had to realise was that I needed to focus on my rotator cuff – at first I’d never even heard of this. I started out by strengthening the rotator cuff by using simple exercises. This video shows the four that I used regularly at first:


What I didn’t realise straight away though was that I also needed to stretch the rotator cuff as well. Adding the weights only built up strength, it didn’t add to my range of motion in the shoulder and that led to injuries coming back frequently. This video shows some of the stretches I started off doing:


Now, these stretches and exercises did not completely cure me. What did was going through every exercise and stretch in this book. Entitled “Treat your own rotator cuff” I saw it on amazon and read the reviews (it’s now got 24 reviews and all are 4 or 5 stars), it’s a great book, really well written, very clear and above all it works. I’d highly recommend it for anyone with shoulder issues or if you just want to strengthen your shoulders in general. You can do lots of the exercises at home at least at first and you can move on to heavy weights at the gym if and when you need to. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

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