How to lose the Christmas weight

So, you’ve eaten ten pigs in blankets, a kilo of celebrations and some Christmas cake your mum made even though you don’t really like it and now you’ve returned to work feeling a bit heavy and sluggish. What are you planning to do about it? I’ve been thinking this through recently and have come up with a few thoughts.

Gaining to lose – Every extra pound of muscle that is on your body will burn more calories and fat for you. So whilst weight training may not burn much fat when you do it, it makes it easier to keep trim going forwards. Obviously it also makes you stronger at the same time which is vital for your running as it helps to prevent injury and keep you going. Now, the amount of calories getting burned each day by extra muscle is small, it’s not going to make a massive difference to your lifestyle, but it’s certainly something to consider. Try our strength training that you can do at home. You could also try our Yoga guide – again, you can do this at home.

Increasing your running – Obviously an increase in your running is going to impact your calorie and fat burn on the day you run, but it also has an effect on your calorie burn up to three days later and encourages your body to store less fat the morning after a run. Even just a brisk 30 minute walk can positively impact next day fat storage. If you’re thinking of having an English breakfast tomorrow, get out for 30 minutes tonight. Of course you should be careful when increasing running milage and stick to a maximum of 10% increase each week.

Cut down on the bad stuff – New year resolutions are all well and good, but saying “I won’t eat chocolate” when you love it, is probably not going to work, saying you’ll not have any of something just makes you think about it more and still means you’re being controled by the thing that you want – often resulting in failure. Instead of a negative “I won’t eat” try a positive “I will eat more fruit” or similar and set the times you’ll eat it. For example last year I decided I’d buy a piece of fruit each day with my lunch, this soon led to me eating less junk food in the afternoon because I just didn’t want it, I kept it going throughout the entire year with no problem – buying a banana or apple is a pretty easy resolution to keep.

Finally – Don’t worry about it. Chances are you’ve not actually gained a substantial amount of weight over such a short period of time and once you get back into your normal routine you will return to your normal weight pretty quickly. Just make sure you don’t keep increasing the food and not the exercise!


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