How much can my marathon time improve?

ID-10044848Many people complete their first marathon and determine that they’ll never do another again, but then it starts to eat away at you. Your legs get restless, you start to analyse your prior performance and training, you realise that you could have done a much quicker time and you start looking for your next race.

But how far can one improve? If you ran a 4h30m first marathon, could you ever knock an hour off and get below 3h30m? Could you do it in one go?

In short, yes, you could. It takes hard work and dedication but there really is no reason why most people can’t do a sub 3h30m. A good friend of mine went from just over 4 hours to just over 3 hours and qualifying for the London marathon with a good for age entry, he’s hoping to do a sub 3 hour run this year, his times are below:

  1. Paris Marathon 2010: 4:01:24
  2. Amsterdam Marathon 2011: 3:46:10
  3. Berlin Marathon 2012: 3:23:40
  4. Greater Manchester Marathon 2013: 3:01:46


 But this takes serious hard work. You can follow his progress and training plans on his blog, here. If you want to make the leap to a faster marathon you should pay close attention to what he does. 

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