Yoga for Running

The benefits of Yoga to the runner’s body mean that it should be part of all runners regular routine. Many people who train for a long race, such as a marathon, get to the start line so worn out and weak that it’s amazing that they make it to the end. Having balanced strength throughout your body is very important for running and core strength is vital – it’s like your gear box, working away in the background whilst your legs power you along.

There are a number of ways to get into Yoga, but I want to concentrate on what you could do right now, at home in just 15 minutes, even when you have never attempted Yoga before.


You can find really good free Yoga videos on the internet. To get you started, try this relaxing 15 minute workout.

After you’ve mastered that one, try this:

Soon you will find that these are very easy and you will be able to move on to find more challenging routines. This is one that I enjoy doing:

Online books: There are loads of courses and books online, I’ve looked through many. I’ve been amazed that some retail for over $50. I found this one for $6.95 (about £4.50) Click here to check it out.

Amazon have a great range, this is highly recommended:

If you want to look at a more complete paid for system, this is a good example.

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