Fog, Ice and Moving to America

My running has been severely limited recently due to the fact that I’m moving to America shortly. The problem is that I was originally due to be in America from the end of December, but thanks to delays in visas I am now flying on 18th January. Why should this stop me running? Well, for one, I had to move out of my flat and having no fixed address makes doing anything difficult. I have however now settled back at my mum’s house for a couple of weeks which has been much better than sleeping on friend’s floors in London, but still not ideal. Secondly, in an attempt to reduce the amount of luggage to take to the US with me, I threw away my running shoes. They were old and needed replacing, but had I known that I would be here for this long, I would have held on to them a bit longer! The upshot is that I have started my new job from the UK remotely and am limited to one pair of shorts, two running tops and a pair of very old running shoes.

I have managed to do a few runs lately however, I’ve kept them short because I don’t trust these old shoes one bit. The last four runs I’ve done have all been on the same 5km loop around the town, it’s a nice little run with a couple of decent sized hills thrown in towards the end. Even though I’ve done the same loop four times, each run has offered something very different. The first was on a very sunny but foggy day and the light cutting through the fog was incredible, as I ran past a line of trees I could see the streams of light cutting across myself and the fog. The second run was in pouring rain and I kept my head down and ran as fast as I could, (almost setting a 5km PB). On the third run I stepped out and the first snow of the year started falling as I was about 100m down the road, it was bitterly cold but I can’t help enjoy snow fall, running in snow makes me feel great. The fourth run was this morning where the ice was compacted on the pavements and I had to keep my eyes down the whole way to avoid slipping, I ran leaning forwards with my feet hitting the floor hard and heavy, it was slow and painful, but I loved it. This is what’s so great about running for me, you can go on the same course every day and see something new each time, you can get enjoyment out of weather that most people would hate and you can challenge yourself in so many ways.

Moving to the US has been a very stressful experience, even before I have stepped onto the plane, but running has helped keep me sane throughout all the uncertainty. I’m going to keep this blog going from the US and I will be looking for a big challenge that I can do from St Louis (if anyone knows of anything, get in touch), I’m thinking of doing the double chubb 50km, but it depends on how quickly I get settled.

Until next time, enjoy the ice.

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