Fitbitch Dog Activity Tracker: Petometer

Whilst out running with my dog this weekend I invented a new product – The Fitbitch Petometer. This device would be attached to your dog and you could see how many steps it had done in a day and how much rest it had taken. You’d then be able to bring up your smartphone app and compete with other dog owners for the fittest dog. Plus…it had a good gimmicky name.

I was pretty excited about this, so came home and googled it…only to find that someone had beaten me to it. I can only assume that they stole my idea and went back in time to create it. Time theft. This happens to me fairly often so I wasn’t surprised. The trick must be to launch a product before I’ve thought of it.

Tractive Motion Pet Activity Monitor

Clearly I had a better name, but that aside, this does pretty much exactly what I had thought of. It can give you information about your pet’s activity at any given time, you can set goals, has a mobile phone app, battery lasts a week, it even has league tables for dogs fitness and you can buy it in the UK (just click the heading above). It’s kind of insane, but I also love it at the same time.

Is this ridiculous?

Is it ridiculous to track your dog’s activity? I think it kind of is, for a start I’m guessing most people just want to push their dog higher up the league table when it might not be the right thing for their breed. On the other hand, I’m guessing that most dogs don’t get enough exercise and this might encourage a bit more. Overall I think it’s a good idea – it’s just that my name was better.


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