Do You Run Over Christmas?

Running during the Christmas holidays has always been something that I find difficult, it’s a time where I want to enjoy eating and drinking too much and not having to worry about training. This year I’ve found it harder than normal as I’m in the process of moving to the USA, I’ve thrown away a lot of my running gear and moved out of my flat into temporary accommodation.

Over the last two weeks I’ve only managed three short runs totalling under twenty km. However, I’m determined to do more over the next few days as it is already causing me to feel on edge. To do this I’m planning on getting up before my fiancé and running whilst she gets ready. I’m also going to use my best motivation tactic to do this. It’s something which you can use too – simply tell everyone that you’re planning to run in the morning and hopefully the pressure this piles on will ensure you get up and do it rather than face a barrage of “I knew you wouldn’t bother”. Personally, I can’t take that kind of barrage from friends / family!

If you’re already back at work then now is the time to add running into your routine, get it in there now and start small but build up throughout the year. If it leaves you wanting more then that’s good – don’t rush. If your work is like mine you’ll have discounted offers to join local gyms about this time of year, I’ve not been a gym member for years now and don’t think joining a gym is something that motivates. Throughout the year you can always find somewhere nice to run rather than hitting the treadmill and spending good money boring yourself into a tired depression over 10km of starring into a mirror. There are plenty of more interesting ways to track your runs here too if that’s a concern.

If you do want to spend money and it does get icy and snowy outside then you could try yaktrax, they clip on to your running shoes and allow for much better grip on snow and ice. Have a look at the amazon reviews – almost all positive. I’ve been recommended them by a number of runners but so far the mild winter has meant that I’ve not had a chance to use them.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about over the Christmas period, how does your routine change during the holidays?

Perhaps you’ve had some new trainers for Christmas, but have you ever tried slipping in some orthotic soles? They’re great especially if you struggle with knee or ankle pains!

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