Did Paula Radcliffe Poo or Wee?

I’m not proud of writing this post, but I keep getting asked if Paula Radcliffe stopped for a poo on the London Marathon. I want to make the point straight away that I really like Paula Radcliffe, she’s absolutely inspirational as an athlete and a British legend of a runner. I could not have more respect for her.

Now, what people are referring to when they ask if she did stop for a poo during a marathon, is during the 2005 London marathon. I always thought it was a wee to be honest and I’ve had to stop for those during marathons before, it’s just I’m not going for the world record and no one cares what I do so I can get away with it. Anyway, here’s the footage of the incident on video:

If that doesn’t clear things up for you and you really want to look into it, here’s the BBC report from the race¬†and here’s another from the Telegraph. It seems that she did need to stop for a “break” saying:

“I wasn’t worried about it in terms of a repeat from Athens…I want to apologise to the nation. I didn’t really want to resort to that in front of hundreds of thousands of people.”

So to clear this sticky mess up for once and for all, yes, she did a poo.

Paula won the race, with a time of 2h17m, the fastest ever in an all woman’s marathon. Amazing.

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