Did Paula Radcliffe Have Cancer?

I don’t know why this has come up recently, but I’ve had two emails asking me if Paula Radcliffe had cancer. The very quick answer is; no, she has not.

But why have people being asking this question? It seems a very strange thing to have become a rumour. I did a little digging, at first I thought that perhaps she had done fundraising for cancer charities and this is true; she has indeed raised money for cancer charities; including running a charity 10km race whilst 7 months pregnant! In addition her mother did suffer from the disease and Paula wrote about it in a foreword for Cancer Net, which you can read here.  It’s a really nice piece that she’s written and the questions that she asks are very powerful ones.

Perhaps that is the reason for this questions, but I wanted to put up a post to clear things up.

Why not check out her auto biography here. 

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