Cheapest CrossFit / Weightlifting Resistance Bands

I just came across these Resistance Bands on Amazon which have been reduced from £25.99 to £7.00. I haven’t tried them out myself, but it does seem a bargain compared to known brands like Rubberbanditz.

These things are great for Crossfit / weightlifting and MMA. I throw them in my bag when I go on holiday and keep some at home for when I want to work out without the need for lots of weights. They are a great piece of kit which can be used anywhere.

The Resistance Band ensures that there is resistance throughout the exercise which you perform – some free weight movements don’t really allow this, so it can be beneficial to balance some free weight work outs with resistant workouts. There are loads of work out guides on the internet and really, your imagination is the limit.

If you try them out please leave a comment below letting us know how they are!

This is from the company themselves:

BODYCORE FITNESS resistance loop bands offer fantastic versatility for all your workout needs. We offer varying levels of resistance to suit everyone no matter what your levels of fitness currently are. Our resistance loop bands can be used with assisted bodyweight exercises, speed and agility training, crossfit programmes, jumping, core development, plyometrics, aerobics, for mobility and stretching exercises and to help with physiotherapy treatment. They are a very versitale, light weight training tool that can be used to aid your resistance training and improve your joint and muscle mobility. Features We offer 6 different levels with our resistance loop bands. Our bands can be stretched to 2.5 times their original length to create the ultimate resistance your body needs! Please see the below table to see which band you should choose. 1 – LIGHT RESISTANCE LOOP BAND – COLOUR RED Measures 208CM x 1.3CM x 0.45 CM Equivilent resistance 2-12KG 2 – LIGHT-MEDIUM RESISTANCE LOOP BAND – COLOUR BLACK Measures 208CM x 2.1CM x 0.45 CM Equivilent resistance 4-16KG 3 – MEDIUM RESISTANCE LOOP BAND – COLOUR PURPLE Measures 208CM x 2.9CM x 0.45CM Equivilent resistance 2-22KG 4 – MEDIUM HEAVY RESISTANCE LOOP BAND – COLOUR GREEN Meausres 208CM x 4.5CM x 0.45CM Equivilent resistance 10-25KG 5 – HEAVY RESISTANCE LOOP BAND – COLOUR BLUE Measures 208CM x 6.4CM x 0.45CM Equivilent resistance 14-36KG 6 – EXTRA HEAVY RESISTANCE LOOP BAND – COLOUR ORANGE Measures 208CM x 8.3CM x 0.45CM Equivilent resistance 18-45KG Assisted pullups? Which band is right for me? Check out our table to see what band is correct for you. Look up your body weight measured in stones, and the number of unassisted pullups you can currently do.

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