Could You Run the Men’s Health Survival Of The Fittest?

Well well well, I wasn’t planning to write any more posts after my marathon finished, but then, out of the blue and as if by magic, I had an email! A real email! Well, you can imagine my excitement and I felt the need to do two things. 1, mention that I had received an email and 2, answer the question it posed (for it did pose a question).

It was from someone who had read my review of the Men’s Health Survival of the fittest race last year and were wondering if they were fit enough to complete the course. I don’t know who you are, how much you run, how fast you want to do it or anything else, so my answer is…errmm…yeah, why not. You could do it. Hope that helps. Don’t email me again.

Let’s look at the stats.

The race is spread over 10km. That’s not a long distance, but obviously requires some training if you’re just starting out. If you’ve done no running to speak of and are looking to do this, the most important thing is to find your pace, go out for a jog and just move fast enough so that your breathing is elevated, but that you could still hold a bit of a conversation – don’t be tempted to go faster. You should find that you’re able to maintain that pace for quite some time. Once you’ve got a pace that you can hold for a good 20 minutes, it’s just about clocking up the miles on it before you try to increase your speed. Slow runs will help get your legs into shape for what’s to come. If you want to know if you could complete it without any training…then see if you can slow jog 10km. If you can then you’ll probably be fine with the race distance, if not then you could walk…although that’s not really the idea and you’ll probably get cold and miserable and you’re more likely to suffer an injury going from nothing to 10km in one go.

The obstacles on the race vary from things to jump on to, things to swing on, things to climb through, walls to get over, things to carry and things to crawl through. The hardest obstacle is the giant wall at the end, however, everyone helps each other over it so don’t worry if you don’t think you could climb it on your own. Most obstacles are just there for fun – there’s nothing too intimidating, but you should be able to pull yourself up onto 5 foot high platforms, climb through cars which have had their windows removed, carry an empty beer barrel 20 metres, crawl through cargo nets and not mind jumping into skips full of cold water and mud. If there’s something you really can’t do then you’re not going to get kicked off the course, you will be able to miss it out – but it’s not really the way the event is intended.

It’s a bloody good event, but expect to queue at obstacles and have to wait for traffic lights to cross roads (yes really), as such it’s not really a race. Going into Battersea power station is a really nice touch. Good luck if you do it.


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