How To Avoid Runners Trots

February 21, 2015 0

Does running make you suddenly need a poo? Do you get diarrhea during your running races? Are you suffering from runners trots? Have you “gone […]

Runners Breakfasts: Oatmeal

February 14, 2014 0

Our second “Runners Breakfast” is an old favourite and one which is very convenient: Oatmeal. Oatmeal used to be considered animal feed because it’s cheap, […]

Runners Breakfasts: Polenta

February 1, 2014 0

After an early morning run I often return home feeling seriously hungry, I’ve been determined to find the best breakfasts for runners, especially for after […]

Is horsemeat good for runners?

February 17, 2013 0

So, you’ve been tucking into 99p ready meals thinking they were full of good quality lean beef and you’ve suddenly heard that there may have […]

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