Running books

There are many great books on the subject of running, they tend to come in two types – a practical guide to training and running or a description about a runner’s experience of the sport. Both can be great motivational tools to encourage you to run more. Here are a couple of my favourites:

The Marathon and Half Marathon: A Training Guide – Graeme Hilditch

This is my favourite ‘guide to running’ book. It keeps things simple, so although it packs in a lot of information (including step by step training plans for marathons and half marathons), it’s easy enough to sit and read through. I still find myself going back to this book from time to time:

What I talk about when I talk about running – Haruki Murakami

This is a facinating insight into the world of Murakami as he reflects on how running has shaped his life and his writing. This is a must for anyone who likes to talk and think about their running.

 The Complete Book of Running for Women РClaire Kowalchik

Covering topics from pregnancy and menopause to training programs and cross-training, this is possibly the most comprehensive book written specifically for female runners.


Downloadable books:

If you want a complete guide to running instantly, then these downloadable guides could be the answer, put them on your mobile device and read them on the go:

Beginning Jogging & Running Guide

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