Asics Gel-Excel 33 2 Running Shoe Review

It was finally time for me to buy new running shoes, waving goodbye to my trusty Sketchers, which I still love in a funny kind of way. I decided that this time I’d buy something a little more serious for putting some good mileage down, so I got the Asics Gel-Excel 33 2. Quite a mouthful, that’s for sure.

The 33 range is Asics move into the lighter / less constructed shoe range but is still made for high mileage runners. You can really feel the lightness when you pick it up, it seems unnaturally light in the way that great shoes can, but when you put it on, the comfort and support is immediately noticeable too.

Big shoes, for big feet…


The first thing that I always look for when shopping for shoes is the size that they go up to. I wear a UK size 13-14 which sometimes causes problems with finding a shoe and also, if the mid-sole is weak then that problem seems to be much worse if you are wearing a large size. Thankfully the Gel-Excel 2 go up to a UK size 14 and whilst it was narrow, I actually found that the 13 was a better fit for me because the length of the shoe was spot-on. If you have big feet, this is a good shoe with a strong mid-sole, the fact that it’s narrow helps with that and I like the snug fit. The mid sole is made from two parts, the bottom is a hard foam for good contact with the ground to give maximum power and the upper part next to your foot is softer to give some cushion. You can really feel this compared to, say, barefoot shoes. It’s a very nice feeling.

Heel Strike


I am a bit of a heel striker and I need a shoe that is going to support that. Thankfully, this delivers it in bucket loads. The spring on the back of these shoes is amazing. I’ve never had a shoe quite like it. There is also the support of the “propulsion Trusstic” (see below) which does seem to fire you along, you feel like your shoes are asking you to run faster.

  • Propulsion Trusstic® – This mimics the connective tissue in the foot by creating tension as foot enters propulsion stage, getting ready for take-off.


Overall, it’s early days but I like the feel and fit of the shoes, lots of support, lots of cushion but you can still feel the ground under your feet.

They are available here starting at £62.49 at the time of writing.

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