Adidas Kanadia 7 Shoe Review

soleThis week I have been running with my new Adidas Kanadia 7 Trail running shoes…and so far, I love them. Available here, from ¬£35.95 at the time of writing,¬†these are a light weight and stylish trail runner, without a huge bulky sole which you sometimes get and with a degree of comfort that you don’t usually get in a trail runner either! In fact, they feel like a road shoe when you’re running and I will happily use them both on and off road.

Grip and Water

The sole of the shoe has deep ridges which Adidas call “Traxion”, these give the best grip I’ve ever had on a running shoe, the stability on wet ground is amazing. You do lose some stability on the road because of this, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay as I no longer slip and slide when off-road. The sole of the shoe is also designed as a mud guard and helps with waterproofing in some water. However, if you get deep then the shoe will let water in – they aren’t completely waterproof. In a way though, this is a good thing, a completely waterproof shoe will get very sweaty and smelly very quickly and will not dry out.

Running Shoes for Big Feet – up to size 14.5 UK

shoesHaving large feet, it’s sometimes hard to find a shoe that works well – these go up to size 14.5 UK and they don’t have that effect that some large shoes have of looking even bigger than they should (making you really look like you have clown feet). They look neat and small on my feet, because they fit so snugly and don’t have a large surround sticking out. For me, this is a really nice added benefit, it also means they feel nicer when running. Some shoes seem to ‘break down’ when running with very large feet – the sole flexes in ways that it doesn’t with smaller sizes, but these don’t have that problem. In fact, they really hug the bottom of my feet and I’d really recommend them if you have size 13, 14, or even 14.5. I’m normally a size 14, but went with a 13.5 of these and they are a lovely fit. If you’re looking for a big sized trail running shoe in the UK, this really could be it.

Overall, it’s a great shoe for me and at the price it’s amazing really. I have had worse shoes for 3 times the price of these so I’m really impressed.

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