9 Week Marathon Training Schedule

Lack of January Exercise

“Thank you for registering for the 2013 GO! St. Louis Marathon”

I have just signed up for the third marathon of my life, the St Louis Go! Marathon. Before I go into the details, the first thing to say is that at $96 to register, it’s not cheap – that’s 60 quid in real money so I hope I get a nice medal at the end. More importantly, it’s only 9 weeks away and it’s fair to say that I haven’t been doing much exercise lately, the picture below shows all my runs for the month of January – totaling about 45km, the last time I did anything serious was in November 2012. So, I’ve got to go from pretty much nothing, up to about 22 miles in about 7 weeks to give enough time to recover and be ready for the marathon itself.

Lack of January Exercise

The big difference is that this time I’m not going for a time, I’m determined to actually go out and enjoy this marathon, not least because it’s on the day after my 30th Birthday. This is still a big challenge, to be able to go and enjoy the run I’m going to have to get my legs used to some serious miles in a very short time frame. Fortunately I’m not going to worry about adding speed with short, quick runs – meaning that when I’m not doing a long run, I can rest up. I therefore expect to run 3 times a week only and put in a swimming and cycling session between runs if I’m feeling rested enough to do so.

In order to¬†achieve¬†this, I first need to join a gym – something I haven’t done for a long time. In fact, I haven’t been a member of a gym since 2010. The reason I need to join one is that I can’t afford to miss sessions at this stage, I simply don’t have the time. Today I was planning on doing 10 miles and then a whole load of snow came down and ruined my plan. In addition, having access to a static bike and pool will be useful. I would also like to do some yoga classes to keep strength.

This week I’m away for work, I’m hoping that there’s a gym in the hotel that I can use and kick start the training, but again, flying back and forth, plus a big birthday at the end of the week all add up to a week without enough running done.

I’m hoping that next weekend I can manage a 12 mile run, then I will attempt a 6 mile run in the week and then I will run both Saturday and Sunday the following week – looking to get just over the half marathon mark on 16th Feb. Please note, I don’t recommend that you try to build mileage this quickly – I’m only doing it because I’ve been running a regularly for years and know when I should stop – plus I like to push myself to the point where I’m physically sick. If you don’t, please stick to the 10% increase a week maximum.

Once I’ve completed this marathon I’m going to look to train for the October St Louis marathon – training through the hot months of the summer it should be quite a different experience from the London marathon.

Planned long run distance by week (we’ll see how this works out!):

This week: 9 miles (DONE)

Week 1: 12 miles

Week 2: 14 miles

Week 3: 16 miles

Week 4: 18 miles

Week 5: 20 miles

Week 6: 22 miles

Week 7: 18 miles

Week 8: 10 miles

Week 9: Race day – 26 miles (and 385 yards).

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