9 week marathon plan – week 2

I’m writing this with very sore legs after a week of probably over doing the training. I jumped up significantly from last week and my legs don’t feel ready for it.

The week started with my first ever spinning class on Monday which I enjoyed, for those who haven’t done one, it basically involves cycling on imaginary hills whilst someone at front shouts at you to go faster. I ended it with my legs feeling like jelly. I do worry that this much intensity might break me with such a short training schedule, but it was good fun.

On Tuesday I aimed to stretch out the tired muscles with an hour of yoga, again this was good and my muscles felt really tight so I’m glad I went. I then ran from work back home.

Wednesday I again went to yoga which was more based on leg stretches this time, I then tried to run to an organised run, got lost, ran around in the dark for a while and made it home after 15km absolutely knackered. Not ideal.

Thursday was another spinning class…lots of pain and sweating again there.

Friday was just a short run home from work, I had intended to go to yoga, but when I arrived I realised I’d left my trainers in the office, went back to the office and realised you don’t need trainers for yoga…by which time it was too late. What a div.

Saturday was my long run and I started out feeling very tired in my legs, it was also -5c outside and the sweat froze to my face. I decided to take it slow, but by 8km I was really wanting to give up. I couldn’t get any speed and every step felt like really hard work. However, once I hit half way I started to count down the kilometres and I felt a bit better, I ended up doing 25.1km / 15.6 miles, which I was pleased with.

Today my calves are killing me though and I wonder if I will be good to run tomorrow. Full details below:


This week calls for more of the same with just a longer run next Saturday, I will be trying to stretch my calves out frequently too.

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