9 week marathon plan – week 8

With two weeks until the race, I looked up the race website and checked what time the race started – 7am. Ridiculous. So I guess I’ll have to get up and eat breakfast at 5am and leave the house around 6am. I’m going to be knackered. I hate running early in the morning so, to practice, I decided to do my last Sunday morning run at 7am as well. Fortunately this was one only 10 miles.

I set off feeling like this run was going to be desperately easy and I’d nail it without breaking a sweat or feeling at all tired out. When the run was actually quite tough at a couple of points I had to remind myself that it was still a 10 mile run at marathon pace and it shouldn’t be as easy as I had it in my head. I felt every single step jar my knees, paranoid that I was about to get injured, the weather was warmer than it had been and I found myself concerned about what the heat would be on race day having trained mainly in temperatures below freezing. Every possible negative situation ran through my head at least once, but the end of the run came quickly and with it my mind returned to a far more normal sense of reality. I guess it’s just the fact that I wasn’t looking at this as a ‘real’ training run, more a warm up for the big day.

The rest of the week I kept the runs short and got some rest days in. This coming week I will be running only Tuesday and Thursday and only for a few km. I’ll also be eating a lot of carbs. I don’t feel fast going into the race week, but I do think I have completed the long runs well and stayed injury free (which has amazed me given the jumps in mileage – I still don’t recommend it) and those were my goals so that I could do a comfortable marathon, if there is such a thing.

I’m pleased that I’ve only trained for a short period – it takes over your life and I’m looking forward to just being able to pop out and enjoy a leisurely 10k around the park rather than setting a whole weekend aside for running 20 miles and recovering. But I’ve enjoyed this marathon training far more than the others I’ve done and I’m pleased about having done it. It might seem strange to say that before the race, but the race is an afterthought now for me – the training is where the hard work is done, not on the day itself, that’s just going through the motions and hoping you feel good on the day.

For the few who have read this blog and passed on nice comments, thanks very much – it has meant a lot. I’ll put some notes on here after the race to tell how it went and then anyone who wants to follow this plan could do by reading back through week by week. If anyone ever does that, please let me know.

This week’s details:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 7km – 32 minutes

Wednesday – 5km – 23 minutes

Thursday – 3km – 13 minutes

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 16.2km – 77 minutes


Long runs by week:

Before sign up: 9 miles (DONE)

Week 1: 12 miles (did 13.5)

Week 2: 14 miles (did 15.6)

Week 3: 16 miles (did 18.6)

Week 4: 18 miles (did 20.2)

Week 5: 20 miles (did 21.75 – Longest run)

Week 6: 22 miles (did 19)

Week 7: 18 miles (did 18)

Week 8: 10 miles (did 10.1) 

Week 9: Race day – 26 miles (and 385 yards).

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