9 week marathon plan – week 7

I’m sure that everyone my age is sick of being asked the same question by those a few years older than ourselves “but do you really understand the pain that Michael Fish put us through with his false hurricane? You were so young when it happened, I don’t think you can understand the pain.” It’s one of those awkward questions which you just have to accept that you’ll be asked may be two or three times a month if you live in the UK and discuss weather on a regular basis. I never did quite feel that I could speak about that horrific day on a level with the people who were old enough to fully understand the consequences, but now, finally, I understand.

You see, yesterday it was a fine day in Saint Louis, the sun was beating down and I was out on my bike for a road cycle in shorts and t-shirt. What a lovely day it was. However, when I got in, I checked the weather report for my 18 mile run the next morning and was shocked to see that the report said -2c and heavy snow. The only explanation, I realised, was that Michael Fish had emigrated to Saint Louis and had brought his unique band of terror with him. Thinking that I knew Michael’s work well enough, I assumed that this was a double bluff. He wanted me to think it was going to snow, so that I would sleep in, miss my run and end up collapsed at mile 20 of the marathon where he could laugh at me at my weakest moment. “It ain’t going to happen Fishy” I thought to myself as I pulled myself out of bed on Sunday morning. I decided not to even glance outside – as if doing so would somehow have given Michael a small victory. I wolfed down breakfast, downed a pint of water, pulled on some clothes, shoved some gels into my pockets and dashed outdoors.

After mile 6 realisation began to set in. It was, just as Michael had said it would be, a blizzard. I never should have doubted the man’s ability to lie. It was a triple bluff! Finally, I thought, I understand. I understand what the older generation had been trying to tell me this whole time. It wasn’t that they wanted to get one over on me with their questions, it was…a warning.

I’d like to apologise to that older generation, they were right, I was wrong and I’ve suffered the consequences, the run was hard, I felt terrible, it took me longer than last week’s and was a mile shorter, no wonder Santa is fat – if conditions were like this all the time there’s no way I’d run. But it was my last long run and I’m pleased I’ve got it done. Next week is just 10 miles…and then it’s the big one. Am I ready? I’ve stuck to my plans and I’ve been lucky to stay injury free. Now to taper down, rest the legs with shorter runs, try to sleep a bit longer and ensure that I have the strength to get around on the day.

I don’t know what I’d do if I ever met Mr Fish, but one thing’s for sure; I wouldn’t play him at poker.



This week’s details:

Monday –Spinning – 60 minutes, 25 minutes yoga.

Tuesday – 6km running – 27 minutes, 20 minutes yoga

Wednesday – 4km running – 18 minutes

Thursday – Lazy.

Friday – Lazy: 15 minutes yoga.

Saturday – 25 miles cycling 1h30m, 3 miles cycling 10 minutes

Sunday – 19 Miles running 2h24m





Long runs by week:

Before sign up: 9 miles (DONE)

Week 1: 12 miles (did 13.5)

Week 2: 14 miles (did 15.6)

Week 3: 16 miles (did 18.6)

Week 4: 18 miles (did 20.2)

Week 5: 20 miles (did 21.75 – Longest run)

Week 6: 22 miles (did 19)

Week 7: 18 miles (did 18)

Week 8: 10 miles

Week 9: Race day – 26 miles (and 385 yards).



Please note: This post is written with a sense of irony, I don’t believe that Michael Fish intended any harm with any weather report that he has ever done, it is the development of his error into almost folk law that I am having a pop at. Michael, I’m sure, is a good guy.

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