9 week marathon plan – week 4

This week my inbox was literally filled with almost over one messages. It was asking me something about running tights – I don’t know, I didn’t really read it. ‘Running tights?’ I thought to myself, ‘what did I do with my running tights?’ It was at that point that I had the fear that I may have accidentally donated my old, mud stained, slightly torn running tights to a charity shop on Archway Road in London and for some reason this made me both worried and sad. I closed the email and tried to forget about it, however, it just won’t leave me. I’d encourage anyone wishing to email me in future to consider this and think about my state of mind before they ask me anything at all. Clearly I am well on the path to insanity.

Talking of insanity, I’ve just got back from a 32.5km (20.2 mile) run. It went okay, but when I finished I felt emotional, as if I’d just heard that Helen Daniels had died again on Neighbours, in addition my legs hurt quite badly and as I finished I felt the need to stop and scoop up some snow to rub into my calves. 20 miles is a long way to run, but for the marathon I’ll still have another 6 miles to go. That feels depressing at this point.

The rest of the week was fine, I did spinning, some yoga, a 10km run, a 5km run, a bit of weight lifting and my long run. I rested completely on Saturday and felt good at the start of the run today (Sunday). I’m going to aim to do 22 miles next Sunday and bring that forward by a week. Then I’ll start bringing the miles down the following week, hopefully leaving me well rested for the race day…which at this point I’m just dreading. Did I mention that this was my idea for what I wanted to do for my 30th Birthday? Dear god, I am an idiot.

As always, full details below:

Long run distance by week:

Before sign up: 9 miles (DONE)

Week 1: 12 miles (did 13.5)

Week 2: 14 miles (did 15.6)

Week 3: 16 miles (did 18.6)

Week 4: 18 miles (did 20.2)

Week 5: 20 miles

Week 6: 22 miles

Week 7: 18 miles

Week 8: 10 miles

Week 9: Race day – 26 miles (and 385 yards).

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